Our Tree Climbing Master Has a Story To Tell in New Tree Climbing Book

Geof, our resident Recreational Tree Climbing Master, is a natural story teller. He can take the simplest story and weave it into an epic yarn and he can take the most wild, unimaginable tale and turn it into something relate-able. Naturally, when Geof found out that Common Ground Adventures’ friend and occasional collaborator Abe Winters was collecting stories for his tree climbing book “Hanging Out With Shady Characters,” his only challenge was figuring out which of his many stories to send to Abe.

 About The Book

Abe Winters is one of the leading figures in the field of Recreational Tree Climbing. Many members of Common Ground Adventures were introduced to the sport through Abe, and all of us have come to respect his vast knowledge and passion for RTC. Abe has had this same impact on countless others throughout his 25 years of Recreational Tree Climbing and his book is a testament to this fact. Abe has collected stories from climbers throughout the industry as a way of sharing his love for the sport. Each story tells a different tale from a new perspective. Whether you have just entered the sport for the first time or have enjoyed it for years, “Hanging Out With Shady Characters” is an excellent tree climbing book.

Geof’s Story

At Common Ground Adventures, we know that one of the only things better than going Tree Climbing is sharing Tree Climbing with others. We are especially passionate about opportunities to share Tree Climbing with those who would not normally receive the opportunity. We recently worked with a retreat for kids who required motorized scooters and wheelchairs for mobility. With careful planning and an eye for accessibility, Geof adapted our Tree Climbing program so all of our participants could find a new adventure in the trees.


As the retreat grew closer, additional gear was purchased to help accommodate the climbers: full body harnesses, busn seats, chest harnesses, and pulleys. The plan was to offer three climbs using pulleys for a 3:1 ratio and a dozen other climbs with a traditional double rope technique setup.

The day finally arrived and the climbers started coming out on a rotational basis, therefore, we were never overcrowded and every climber had their own assistant to help them with any of their needs. Those in wheelchairs also brought family members with them who often wanted to climb too. The trees were filled with joy and laughter.

Hanging out with Shady Characters by Abe Winters is available on Amazon in electronic and traditional formats.