Recreational Tree Climbing Wave

What Is Recreational Tree Climbing?

Recreational Tree Climbing is a fast growing outdoor pursuit that is exhilarating, challenging, and relaxing. Using the techniques established by arborists, recreational tree climbing is a great way for people of all ages to combine exercise, education and the outdoors into one great activity.
Recreational Tree Climbing is a very safe and exciting way to enter and explore the tree canopy. Using arborist ropes and comfortable harnesses your adventure begins with a brief training before you ascend into the tree. Once in the canopy you discover the possibilities. You climb as high as you wish, walk on limbs, sit in a sky chair, relax in a hammock or just enjoy the experience of hanging out in the canopy.

Recreational Tree Climbing AccessibilityCan anyone do it?

One of the great things about Recreational Tree Climbing is just about anybody can do it. We have had participants between the ages of 4 and 80 in a tree. You can go at your own speed and climb within your own comfort zone.
Not sure of your strength or athletic ability? There are many systems to choose from to make entering the canopy easy. Climbing systems are available for those with disabilities including those in wheel chairs. We get excited about this new addition to the Outdoor Adventure field because of its sense of adventure, its simplicity, and its adaptability.

How is it done?

Each climber is outfitted with a comfortable sit harness, helmet and gloves. Using what is known as the Double Rope Technique (DRT) a certified arborist rope is run up and over a branch then attached to the climber with a special friction knot. This friction knot, with the assistance of a step loop, allows the climber to slowly climb the rope into the canopy. The climber is safely attached to the climbing rope at all times and is in control of how high they desire to climb!

Our specialized equipment and techniques were designed by arborists and adapted to the needs of the recreational climber. Safety is always our first concern! We follow the standards and techniques of the professional arborist community and adapt them to the needs of the recreational climber.

How can you start climbing?

Our Tree Climbing programs are a great addition to your team building program and can stand alone as its own program. It is a great idea for Birthday Parties, scout groups, athletic teams, social groups, and family gatherings as well as many others. For more information visit our Tree Climbing At Your Event page.

For the individual adventurer or organization, we offer Recreational Tree Climbing Training. More information is available at our Recreational Tree Climbing Training page.