We all experience growth, uncertainty, fear, victory, joy…the list goes on. As living, breathing, thinking, feeling human beings we all have common ground with one another. And you probably know by now that life is full of adventures! People and life experiences are our foundation and that is why we are called Common Ground Adventures.

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Most of what we learn about ourselves and each other does not come from books or the classroom but from experience. When you join us, you will learn firsthand what Adventure-based Experiential Education is. You and your group will find yourselves in a variety of challenging and adventurous yet fun scenarios that will test your group’s problem solving and communication skills, their determination, cooperation, trust, and probably their patience.

But what is most important is that as you progress through the day (or days!) you will have opportunities to reflect on your experiences. It is here that you will see that your challenges bring to life real-world problems, feelings, and ideas. “I can’t” becomes “I can!” You may notice relationships changing or strengthening. Perhaps you learn how to better communicate. Perhaps you discover how to lead—or how to follow. Perhaps you learn to trust others more. From kids to corporate managers, by the end of the day, virtually everyone learns something about themselves, each other, or about life.

We do not teach anything. We’ll be your guides and provide the opportunities.

What will you learn? That depends on you. Remember, this is experiential education. You’ll have to experience it for yourself!