Team Building

What is Team Building? It can mean many things to many groups, depending on your group’s purpose, members, history, and needs. What results are you looking for?

  • Create an atmosphere of trust and respect that will encourage finding the value in each other’s strengths and abilities. Group members will come to appreciate the diversity and unique skills that each individual brings to the table.
  • Allow groups who are divided into smaller subgroups feel like more of a team by having an opportunity to build camaraderie in a new environment.
  • Help your organization become more cohesive and more capable of working through differences.

We work with youth groups and corporate groups, schools and churches, athletic teams and civic organizations. If you have a group of people with a common set of goals, we can develop a program to help them become a stronger unit.

Our team building programs are crafted to develop unity and range from 90 minute ice breakers to multi-day programs that blend relaxing activities such as Recreational Tree Climbing or kayaking with highly valuable team building sessions on our Low and High Ropes Courses.

To that end, we use Low Challenge Courses, High Ropes Courses, Portable Initiatives, Recreational Tree Climbing Sessions, and a number of other outdoor activities. By bringing groups outside and presenting them with challenges and goals far outside of their everyday lives, we create a fun, safe, and engaging environment for our participants.

For further details on our programs, please visit our Youth Team Building Programs page or our Corporate Team Building Programs page. Find information about the elements that we use in our programs on the High Ropes, Low Challenge, and Portable Programs.

Fill out our Program Pricing Request Form online and we’ll get a pricing estimate for your Team Building program to you right away.