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Low Ropes

When properly designed, a Low Ropes Course can form the foundation of a new Team Building Program or augment an existing program. Our Low Ropes Construction team helps you select the right elements for your organization. Through an inspection of your location and a detailed needs analysis, we provide a series of recommendations to install a course that can truly benefit your program at the lowest possible cost. For more information on what a Low Ropes Course can do for your program, please visit our “Why Build A Low Ropes Course?” page.

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Low Ropes Construction Standards

The Association for Challenge Course Technology, or ACCT, provides a set of standards for Low Ropes Construction. As a professional member of the ACCT, Common Ground Adventures always builds to the very latest standards. We also keep an eye on industry trends to create future-proof courses at the highest standard of safety and durability.

Low Ropes Elements

Each Low Ropes Element provides a specialized experience to participants. When properly facilitated  these experiences can teach important values such as communication, cooperation, and collaboration. For a listing of our most common elements along with information on the values they encourage, please visit our Low Ropes Elements page. If you have an idea for a new element or you would like us design something specifically for your organization, contact us via the form below. If it can be done safely, we’ll build it.

Low Ropes Construction

The time required for construction varies depending on the number and type of elements that you would like installed. The construction time for a Low Challenge Course can range from a day to over a week. In order to ensure that your course is built at the lowest price, we will work with your organization to find all possible cost savings including using materials that you may already have on hand.

Course Operation

In addition to building your course, we provide a variety of options to get your course running. We can purchase all necessary hardware, develop a program specifically for your organization and course, and provide the training that your staff will need to safely operate your new Low Ropes Course. Alternatively, Common Ground Adventures can provide trained facilitators to operate the course for your organization.

To see some of the benefits of a Low Ropes Course for your organization, visit our Why Build A Low Ropes Course? page.

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