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Program Development

What do your program’s participants take with them at the end of the day? Do they leave with a deeper understanding of your organization’s values? Have they learned to rely on one another? Are they developing confidence and teamwork? Our Program Development service considers your organization’s goals, your course (or prospective course), your target audience, and your facilitators to develop a program that works.

In our decades of experience in experiential education, we have developed a sound understanding of the best practices for connecting with many different audiences. We leverage this understanding to create a complete curriculum built specifically for your organization and your Challenge Course.

We can provide training sessions to your staff to prepare them to facilitate your newly developed program. These training sessions will relate your organization’s values directly into the newly developed program. This allows your staff to clearly recognize the link between your program and your organization.

Additionally, we can recommend a growth plan for your organization. This plan will set out steps for adding to your staff and Challenge Course to continue to improve your ability to serve your target market.