Low Challenge Course Mohawk Walk

Low Challenge Course

At first look, a Low Challenge Course doesn’t seem to be much more than a series of rope swings, balancing wires, and elevated platforms.  However, with the addition of a trained facilitator, each Low Challenge Element becomes a powerful abstract metaphor for real-world problems that can only be solved by high-functioning teams. Low Challenge Courses, also sometimes referred to as Low Ropes Courses, are a proven tool for Team Building. You can find a sample of some of the elements that your group may encounter on our Low Challenge Elements page.

Breaking people out of stagnant behavior patterns and showing them the advantage of creative thought and teamwork can be a tricky proposition. We have found that the real trick to creating rapid, yet lasting, change is to change the environment. The magic of the Low Challenge Course is in its ability to create a brand new environment that mirrors the challenges that people face in their every day lives. In this new environment participants seek out new strategies and solutions.

The time that your group spends on the Low Challenge Course is precious. To provide your group with the maximum growth potential, our facilitators begin each session with a simple challenge. During this challenge, the facilitator makes a careful assessment of your groups strengths, weaknesses, interests, and physical abilities. Based on this assessment and your feedback during our needs assessment process, the facilitator will develop a curriculum the provide the maximum value return on your group’s time. Visit our Custom Tailored Challenges page for more information on this process.

Our trained facilitators provide participants with problems that require collaborative thinking, cohesive action, and fluid communication. In order to ensure that these experiences translate back to the real world, facilitators engage participants in dynamic discussions about the practices that have led to the group’s success. For more information on how we ensure that our participants walk away with real lessons, please visit our Ensuring Comprehension page.

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