Dinosaur Egg Challenge

Custom Tailored Challenges

Each program begins with a series of warm-up activities intended to get participants into a problem-solving mindset. The warm-up also teases some of the concepts that the team will be exploring throughout their time on the Low Challenge Course. During warm-up activities, each group’s facilitator assesses the group’s current strengths and weaknesses.

Our skilled team of facilitators is familiar with a nearly infinite number of variations on our Low Challenge Elements. These variations, along with the facilitator’s careful examination of each group’s strengths and weaknesses, allow our facilitators to provide each group with custom challenges. These challenges are designed to only yield victory once the group has fully discovered a certain set of skills. We pride ourselves on our ability to determine a group’s needs and create environments that foster:

Communication, Collaboration, Cooperation, Creativity, Camaraderie  Consensus, Safety, Optimism, Fun, Trust, Respect, Problem Solving Skills, Determination, Patience, Persistence, Goal Setting, Positive Risk Taking, Conflict Resolution, Actual Success

We believe that participants should actually walk away with a conscious understanding of the lessons that they or the members of their group experienced. For more information on how we do this, please visit our Ensuring Comprehension page.

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