High Ropes Elements

We have a variety of High Ropes Elements available. Typically we select elements based on the needs and readiness of each group. We can also work with you to prepare a set of elements for your group based on your needs. Some of the elements that your group may attempt are:

High Ropes Element - CatwalkThe Catwalk

  • A narrow walkway in the sky that provides participants with a great introduction to High Ropes Elements.
  • Duo DangleThe Duo Dangle

  • Two climbers assist one another to ascend a colossal ladder into the trees.

High Ropes Element - Vertical PlaypenThe Tower

The Tower is composed of a vertical obstacle course, a simulated rock wall (pictured at right), and a Zip Line. Participants on the ground provide advice as climbers scale the vertical playpen or climbing wall. As a reward for their hard work, climbers can ride the Zip Line to the ground.

The Leap of FaithLeap Of Faith at High Ropes Adventure Camp

After ascending to the top of a utility pole, participants gather their courage and leap for a hanging trapeze. They must put complete faith in their belay team on the ground if they hope to reach their target.

High Ropes Elements - Static ElementsThe 2Line Bridge and the MultiVine

Each of these elements challenges participants to make their way across a horizontal foot cable while using ropes to maintain balance. On the 2Line Bridge, participants hold on to a horizontal hand rope as they traverse the foot cable. On the MultiVine, participants move between hanging vines. The further the participant gets, the farther apart the vines become.

More Information

For information on how our High Ropes Elements foster teamwork, check out our Team Building on the High Ropes Course page.

For pricing information for your own High Ropes Program, fill out our Program Pricing Request Form online.