Ropes Course Services and Construction

At Common Ground Adventures, our Ropes Course Services and Construction team consists of experienced, trained, and active facilitators who view a Challenge Course in many different lights.

completed high ropes tower

When we design, build, inspect or maintain a course our primary focus is the safety of the course. However, our team’s years of experience from different corners of the industry also enables us to view a course from many other viewpoints. We see the course in terms of its value to participants, its ease-of-operation for facilitators, its maintenance and operation costs for the owner. In addition to providing insight into physical Ropes Course Services, our team’s experience allows them to conduct deep and thoughtful training sessions for other facilitators.

We take pride in our long-lasting relationships with our clients. These relationships are no accident, they are built on our excellent customer service, flexibility to our clients’ needs, and understanding of the role their Challenge Courses play among the many other aspects of their operations.

 High Ropes Construction

Years of experience allow Common Ground Adventures to build safe, fun, long-lasting High Ropes Courses according to ACCT standards. We work with you throughout the entire construction process, from the initial steps of selecting your High Ropes Elements, through site location and course design, to equipment purchasing and staff training. For more information, visit our High Ropes Construction page.

Low Ropes Construction

Low Ropes Courses are a low-cost way to add high-value Team Building options to your organization’s program. After considering your organization’s location, target market, budget, and other factors, we will recommend, design, build, and provide training for a brand new Low Ropes Course at the lowest possible price. Visit our Low Ropes Construction page for more information.


Regardless of your organization’s unique training needs, we offer a course for you. Our simplest training courses are brief refreshers for seasonal staff. At the other end of the spectrum, we offer week-long intensive training sessions. Our training sessions can cover anything from the soft skills of facilitation to each technical detail of operating a High Ropes Course. Our Ropes Course Training page contains more information about our programs. We also offer Recreational Tree Climbing Training.

Program Development

Connect with your clients like never before with a custom-tailored program from Common Ground Adventures Program Development. We consider your organization’s mission, your target audience, your facilitator’s experience, your existing High and Low Ropes elements and other factors to create a comprehensive program for your organization. Visit our Program Development page for more information.

Course Management

Our Ropes Course Management service will save you time and money while ensuring that your course runs safely and efficiently. We take the burden of Course Management off of your organization’s staff, allowing you to run your organization while we keep your course up to standards. More information is available at our Course Management page.

Course Inspections

In order to comply with industry standards, you should have your Ropes Course inspected at least once per year or after any major damage to the course. Our thorough, hands-on inspections identify problems, propose solutions, address minor concerns, and provide suggestions for course improvements that may increase efficiency, safety, and value. For more details, visit our Ropes Course Inspections page.

Course Repair

Has your Ropes Course suffered damage from environmental factors, misuse, or age? Our Ropes Course Repair services will identify the extent of the damage and complete repairs to bring your course back up to standards. For more information, visit our Repair Services page.